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Transmedia Zurich is a growing community based around storytelling and technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Next Meetup: Learn about Storytelling in Film and Community-Based Approaches

The August 25th Transmedia Zurich meetup will focus on storytelling in film mediums and using a community-based approach to telling new stories in the online world. Featured speakers will be Eric Pomert and Chris Agnos.

Eric Pomert (ericpomert.com)

Storytelling Tension: Choosing Wonder over Warfare

Chris Agnos (human.sustainableman.org)

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Focus on the Story First and all else will fall into place. The story is the essential core of how we tie emotions to information and communicate in life. Without a good story technology just gives us a lot of special effects.



The explosion of platforms, publishing, and creation technologies means you have many ways to tell your story. The challenge is not getting overwhelmed, how can you use the right technologies to maintain the integrity of your story?



Stories are easily distributed via multiple channels, allowing more people to experience them in more personalized and engaging ways. Doing it in a way that preserves the narrative of a story is essential.

Who Are We?

Transmedia Zurich is about building a community and sharing knowledge on how technology can transform stories. How do we make sense of the multitude of publishing platforms that exist and how can we use them to tell effective stories in our increasingly fragmented world?


Beyond cultivating knowledge around transmedia storytelling, our goal is to organize a story hackathon in Zurich, bringing together authors, designers, and developers in a hackathon format to see how stories can be transformed through technology and design thinking.

Worldbuilding: Character Across Media: A Brief Overview

Libby O discussed the development of her latest novel, Charlotte Aimes.

Dec. 2nd 2013: World Building Basics and Prototyping

Stories usually take place...somewhere, and the boundaries defined that character exists and grows within is the world. Here we disucssed the basics of building worlds, what if means for character development, and how to prototype them with Unity3D.

  • Why Transmedia: Push/Pull Consumption Trends
  • Character development and basic plot lines
  • Influence of Alex McDowell
  • Character Journey and origins
  • Building worlds with Unity3D

Oct. 16th Part 1: Digital Storytelling and Prototyping Tools

How do the concepts of storytelling and user experience combine togther, what tools can we use to quickly prototype stories on digital publishing platforms like the web?

  • Why Transmedia: Push/Pull Consumption Trends
  • Transmedia story project anatomy
  • Rapid prototyping
  • User Journey
  • SnowFall, ScrollKit, Storify, BrickFlow, Zeega, Rapt Media

Oct. 16th Part 2: Publishing in Multiple Languages Across Multiple Formats

Although large transmedia projects can involve many tools and platforms, you need to make decisions early on concerning language, which can be visual, heard or inferred.

  • Create clear and consistent brand language and messaging across platforms
  • Set priorities and plans for multilingual projects
  • Decide on process for how to integrate language into the project as it grows
  • Elizabeth Henry (@whereareyouliz / www.henrygeneral.com )

Sept. 4th Meetup: Story in the Context of Transmedia Projects

Joel Blom presents insights about Story structure and applications in the context of Transmedia projects and ideas.

  • Roots of Story
  • Story Structure
  • Application for Transmedia
  • Story Hack

June 27th Meetup Part 2: Transmedia and Mixed Reality Gaming

Games as a form of interactive media require new story structures. In this presentation, linear stories and stories with decision points are analysed and challenges in writing them discussed.

  • Mathias Sala (Gbanga)
  • History of transmedia and mixed reality games
  • Development of Gbanga Famiglia
  • Complexity of non-linear plot development in games

June 27th Meetup Part 1: Narrative and Story Structure in Games and Media

Why is it that you can predict the key points of a sitcom without knowing all the details of the plotline? Story structure in myths we've been told since before we could speak influence how we see the world and how we tell our own stories.

  • Basics of classic story structure
  • Influence of Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces)
  • Choosing a narrative can be used to target the emotional design of a product
  • Intro to the Hero Journey applied to game design

May 22nd Meetup: Transmedia Learnings from LA and San Francisco

We often talk of stories and designing great experiences, but how does the medium we choose (book, movie, spoken-word, mobile game, etc.) influence the structure of the story.

  • Transmedia SF & startup weekend in San Fran
  • Story hack Zurich
  • Transmedia LA meetup group
  • Story2023

Interesting Transmedia People

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